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Our LocationPURNEA


Our Vision

It started with a dream – a glorious vision to create an ambience conducive to creative learning. An innovative direction towards providing Global education with its feet firmly grounded in the Indian Soil. A humble endeavor to touch the grandest heights of excellence in Education. A school with a difference! A school that will become a trendsetter in the quality of facilities and its gamut of opportunities.

Our Mission

The school rises above the confines of conventional teaching. With an activity based curriculum, the institution initiates character development and the highly qualified faculty ensures academic excellence. In its vision, all Goenkans are motivated and inspired to be qualified and confident individuals. A sense of responsibility guides all students to contribute to the welfare of society.


Core Beliefs

The academic platform of the School is well grounded as the management believes in hand picking the best of talent from the country. Therefore Children passing out from the portals of this institution will be poised to tread on global firmament with ease and confidence. The School provides experiential mode of learning and every concept is learnt hands on. Students will be seated in unique ways of USB style for learning in heterogeneous and homogenous groups which will ensure maximum learning output. The School has an altogether child friendly motto “Nurture innate potential with No child left behind”. The most unique part of the School pedagogy is that every concept is accompanied by an element of innovation besides linking it with Indian culture and value programme. The class wise assemblies where children take up the role of MOC’S and news readers and presenters based on the value of month is the most exclusive feature of the School. The school also believes in inculcating healthy competitive spirit among students besides having fervor for their special houses. The house system and the Esperanza House fest of the School is an idle platform for children to exhibit their unique competences and life sustaining values.

Pupil Care

The ultimate glory of the school lies in making the students stand out always. It has a vision of co- creating individuals who will be empathetic human beings with strength of character and will transform their experiences to improve the world. Thus in a nutshell the stake holders associated with them will forever stay tuned for awesome child centric activities allowing the kids to touch the zenith of their potential.