Saroja Sahadevan


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It gives me great delight to see that your trust is reposed in us. Definitely your trust is our greatest confidence. So at this juncture I would want all of you to know about the rich legacy of Goenka Group in the field of delivering wholesome and quality education. The kids who pass out from their exclusive portal of learning have a distinctive flavor which is unmatchable. Their lineage is well proven from the fact that they have successfully spread their wings all across the nation and forayed globally too. All this has become possible because we consider all our kids unique and provide everyone with myriad learning opportunities. This enables us to bring out that inimitable element and innateness in them. Although we believe in equipping our kids with the latest competencies and making them competent, but at the same time they are individuals capable of resonating with the much needed virtues of life. This makes them complete humane individuals pulsating with values required for a benevolent society. Essential life skill training coupled with right attitude helps them set focused goals for their aspirations. Our consistent child centric activities allow them to take pride in their work and evaluate their learning besides challenging them to the next level. They also develop a sense of ownership and become accountable individuals to take life in the right stride. Besides all this they are transformed as Global individuals who can empathize with the local needs and issues of their society and build a strong foundation to become sensitive global citizens with resolute life sustaining values. In nutshell, we at Goenka pride ourselves in providing utilitarian educational experience to our kids, who will also feel equally honored to be a part of this world’s celebrated legacy. Once again inviting you to be partners in this stupendous journey of exploration, experience and ultimate discovery of refinement in our future hopes.