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History & Introduction


Every parent dreams of seeing their kids emerge as confident individuals who have the natural flair to overcome any adversity of life with a balance and poise. To materialize this reverie of theirs they are ready to stretch an extra mile and provide the best learning experience to their kids. In this endeavor from times immemorial the Bihar society has believed in migrating their children to different parts of Indian soils so that their kids emerge confident and carry self worth to face any adversity and emerge as successful individuals.

Understanding the need of the parent community for the present generation a group of four Dynamic businessmen of Purnea dreamt of starting a different school of thought to nourish the youngsters of today on the framework of traditional values but with comprehensive perspective. Their vision was to see the pupils emerging from this institution as global leaders who can tread on principles of ethics and morals.

The same dream of these individuals gave birth to GD Goenka Public School Purnea.; The School, which is nestled in salubrious surrounding and away from the routine city bustle, at the same time very much accessible to the population of Purnea and outskirts of Purnea.. The school took its first step in the year 2018 with a fair strength of 327 students. The conservatory opened its portals for the student community of Bihar to bask in its holistic mode of delivery on 20th April 2018 which was inaugurated by Shri Satypal Malik, the Governor of Bihar and Orrisa.


The GD Goenka Public School believes that education should be life sustaining, so here the learning roots are strengthened by providing hands on learning experience to the children. The School philosophy believes that there is room for every child to learn provided the yard stick to measure is different. Here multiple modes of learning experiences are provided to the children according to their capabilities. Learning takes place through myriad forms where every type of learner is challenged on to the next level. Activity based learning enhances their levels of confidence making them gradually emerge as independent learners. Every concept of learning goes through three stages; working in groups, independently and also a written evaluation. Multiple tools and techniques of learning gives them varied exposure to different strategies thereby making them more confident in their approach. The school’s viewpoint is to engage learners by providing emotional support and leading them by example. An important element in all subjects is the element of innovation that is added by the facilitators in their planning of lessons allowing the child to explore, renew and come up with new ideas. Thrust on differentiation in learning helps the learners to shed away their inhibition and learn according to their pace. Ample scope for research to the students is allowed in a stress free environment, as projects are not given as H.W to the students. The planning, preparation and execution of the project is done in the class room along with the facilitators. Projects are self-learning, challenging and enjoyable sessions for the children of GD Goenka Public School Purnea. The school merely does not preach the philosophy; “teach me the way I learn” but also practices it. The special study enrichment time table is a regular feature of Monday and Friday wherein need based activities are planned for all three levels of learners to ensure that all complete the task given to them successfully. This unique methodology helps every learner to take pride in their learning abilities. The feeling of self-worth thus attained makes them raise their individual bar of excellence. The management has also ensured that teachers and students are abreast with 21st century skills. In view to this they have provided a fully digitalized campus to their stake holders. The facilitators are trained to prepare their own lesson plans and DLP’S t a unique feature of the school where the content is prepared by the teacher with her own creative penetration and reference.

The parents are given access to the digital portal of the school through a log in id and password. Any concern that the parent has can be communicated through the digital campus. All information regarding the child’s performance is available on the digital portal for parent’s perusal.

The school kindergarten has prepared its own curriculum which is a mix and match of Montessori and experiential learning. Thematic learning is encouraged in Kindergarten due to which the theme and concepts become thorough for the children as they learn hands on and through exploration. This helps the children to develop strong interpersonal skills. The kindergarten section offers a unique Montessori lab to enhance the fine motor skills of child in turn making the self-reliant in the future. The Kindergarten section of the school forms its own cabinet which is a very distinguishing feature of the School as right from a very young age children are trained in leadership. Important cultural festivities of India as well as significant global revels are celebrated with equal fervor to keep the youngsters fastened to their roots in addition to giving them a universal impetus and this happens in the School from K.G to higher grades. This is yet one more embellishing feature of the school. The kindergarten section also has its separate newsletter which showcases all the activities of the kinder land for a particular month.

The school believes that learning is void if values are not caught by children. The school does not merely believe in preaching of values but the morals are practiced through presentations in the School Assembly through varied Co-Curricular forms like dance, drama, street plays, song and poetries composed by the children. The policy the School follows for bringing Children to the forefront is NCLB; No Child Left Behind. Life skill again is an important part of the curriculum, wherein life skills are imbibed by the Children through hands on learning situation in the classroom, case studies with problem solving is an integral part of life skill training which is also infused in major subjects too. This makes the learners understand the importance as well as instill in them all essential components of life skills such as the Thinking , Social and

Emotional skills. The School distinguishes itself by imbibing in them the right meaning of “Attitude determines Altitude”. The appreciation tree and the attitude chart put up in the class with stars and constructive remarks by facilitators make the kids work on bettering their personalities. The school sets itself apart by training the children for all major Co-Curricular activities like Dance, Drama instrumental and vocal music and fine arts. It’s interesting to note that children make beautiful artifacts and models of historical monuments which is displayed during open house and on special occasions. The School conducts inter house cultural and literary fests wherein children are trained for various activities ranging from numerous forms of Public speaking to master of ceremonies. The school has a special slot allotted for training of co-curricular activities every Wednesday with a duration of one hour ten minutes. The school also has a provision to make the children proactive and appeal to their intellectual and emotional instincts. Edutainment clubs like literary and dramatic, Science and nature, reading, visual and performing arts and Heritage club functional in the School allow children to give vent to their creative and lateral thinking skills. In a bid to kindle love for reading the School has DEAR time provision in the curriculum. Another striking feature of the School is book week celebration which spans for a period of one week with specific book reading related activities planned class wise. The culmination also sees live characters come on stage from different fictions, fairy tales and bed time stories.

Yoga is yet another striking feature of the School which is embedded in the School curriculum right from grade one onwards. Apart from yoga Mass P.T is a regular feature in School every Wednesday. The school believes that a sound mind rested in sound body is the gateway to lead a balanced life.

Within a year of inception the school is spreading wings by moving up till grade 9th for the academic year 2016- 2017. The school follows CBSE curriculum and directives from grade 1 onwards to facilitate the Indian community.

With a motto of making the Citizens of tomorrow mentally agile, physically fit and socially adaptable, the GD Goenka Public School of Purnea has embarked on a journey of unique foundation sustainable education. The school has already gained a repute on the sands of Purnea because of its exclusive approach. In the coming years, The GD Goenka Public School, Purnea is confident of churning out comprehensive individuals who will be poised to tread on the firmament of this globe with a cheer.