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Our Special Counselling Programme

Dear Parents & Guardians

I am Sushmita Suneli Suna, the newly appointed Professional Counsellor of the GD Goenka. Very happy to connect with you through our School to share the counselling program, but also invite your input and participation in the counseling process to make the counseling program meaningful and effective for your children. Every student is very special, unique and everyone is a dreamer! In the Indian context parents too have dreams for their children. However, the important aspect to assess the physical, psychological and emotional ability and wellbeing of the students through counsellingis not given importance. I am happy that the Goenkas are already aware of the present realities and have set a higher benchmark in academic excellence, by including professional counselling program as part of their syllabus. I strongly believe that every child has the potentials and there are diverse gifts of creativity and talents among them. My role is to facilitate, enable and provide guidance to the students to fully use their potentials to achieve their dreams. We are developing a comprehensive counselling program with a collective input and insights from various individuals and expertise to make the program relevant for the students. At G.D.Goenka Activities include and not limited to are as follows: • Moving beyond talks and use creative ways through audio-visuals, Play, Games, Dance, Expressive Arts & Music at various levels: Individual, small-group or classroom counselling • One to one counselling in a non-judgemental approach through IEP (Individual Education Planning) • Mindfulness: awareness of self and self-care to develop self-esteem and self-confidence • Dialogical communication between parents, teachers and the counsellor for the evaluation of the students’ performance • Personal attention and observation of specific students by the counsellor to improve their reading, listening, speaking, language skill development through audio visual, and innovative tools. • Organize workshops based on the issues of safety, personal care, health and hygiene child protection (ex: good touch, bad touch) etc. I as a counsellor is qualified to address the needs of all students through my expertise, experiences, and a comprehensive school counseling program for wholistic development. Young minds are beautiful and every individual must get counselling, support and guidance to overcome the challenges to realize her/his dream!

Thanking you,

Sushmita Suneli Suna

Counsellor at GD Goenka, Purnea